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Helping you to style your room around your carpet.
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Struggling to figure out how to style your room based on the carpet you have? It can be tricky to know what will match your carpet or to know what style you are wanting to create.

We’ve taken four of the current common carpet trends and will show you how to create them.


This is a style inspired by nature and creates a relaxed vibe.
Think about stone, slate and moss and use a soft fawn carpet to anchor the look.
Use wood and textiles to finish the look off.

Carpets you could use:
SmartStrand Smart Colour, Quarry

Cavalier Bremworth Soho Dry Martini, On the Rocks

SmartStrand Calhoun, Jennings Mill

Cavalier Bremworth Natural Formations, Uluru

SmartStrand Pleasing Nature, Drifting Sands



This style is all about making a statement with your carpet.
Be bold by having a coloured carpet.
Pair this look with structured shapes and graphic effects for an interior with wow factor.

Before + after - Art of timber - A run-down Melbourne terrace crashes into the 21st century with great style and aplomb

Carpets you could use: (see colour wall in-store)

SmartStrand Smart Color Eggplant

Smart Color, Eggplant

SmartStrand Smart Color Ladybug

Smart Color, Ladybug

SmartStrand Smart Color Brick Walk

Smart Color, Brick Wall

SmartStrand Smart Color Grape Jam

Smart Color, Grape Jam



This style uses a simple and neutral color scheme.
Make it come alive with layers of gorgeous texture and tactile, woven-look carpet.

SmartStrand Simonton Beach, Pirates Hideaway

Carpet: SmartStrand Simonton Beach, Pirate’s Hideaway


Carpets you could use:

Cavalier Bremworth Soho Natural Formations, Three Sisters

SmartStrand Silk Natural, Charcolette

Cavalier Bremworth Soho Natural Formations, Hanging Rock

SmartStrand Surreal Style, Stonework

Cavalier Bremworth Soho Coastal Hues, Bondi 



This style is warm and has personality.
Add treasured pieces and warm textures.
You can use a rich earth-toned carpet to create this style.











Carpets you could use:

SmartStrand Striking Appearance, Urban Bronze

Cavalier Bremworth Fortrose, Industrial Grey

SmartStrand Ingenious Flair, Slate Tile

SmartStrand Natural Decoration, Hazy Stratus

Normal Ellison Felton Road, Bannockburn


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