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Decorating kids’ rooms is a delicate business and its own life journey! First we start with a nursery that brings with it the messy joys of a baby – and we don’t need to mention those trying experiences! Then we have curious toddlers that want to touch, pull and explore EVERYTHING in their sight and reach! Budding artists with crayons and paints in their cute little hands are our next messy culprits.  Then we are likely to endure mud, sweat, tears and even blood with our mini sports stars! Finally the teenage years begin – late-night snacks, uneaten school lunches, make-up and general MESS is the theme for a good number of years.  When it comes to flooring, it’s well worth considering those precious but challenging years – so, how do we ensure we have a floor that lasts the distance and doesn’t cause you too much stress along the way?

There are a few things to consider when selecting flooring for your child’s room be it a wee baby or a rambunctious teenager:

  • Comfort (Warmth and Softness)
  • Cleanability
  • Durability
  • Sound


Carpet traditionally is high on the comfort level however low on cleanability but with our exclusive SmartStrand ‘Rhino’ carpet you need not worry! Super stain resistant and able to live up to a Rhino you couldn’t find a better option to withstand the messiest child! Plus its luxuriously soft and your kids will find themselves wanting to do carpet angels on it! Carpet is also ideal when your child’s room is positioned above other rooms in the house – paired with a quality underlay like Dunlop Dreamwalk foam underlay you’ll dampen the sound of kids jumping on beds, play-fighting and dancing to their favourite music.

SmartStrand Wise Choice, Urban Loft
SmartStrand Smart Colour, Quarry


Laminate’s technology and structure ensures a certain softness or bounce that other hard floors don’t have.  Many will know what happens if you drop a glass on tile – you’ll have a dangerous mess to clean-up. However, laminate will absorb the shock and the item will generally bounce-off it. If you are worried about the cold feeling of wooden floors in your kids’ room hard flooring can easily be paired up with an area rug to create the perfect combination.  A rug can be spot-cleaned it when it gets stained and then switch it out for another one with little guilt or too much cost – even better order a rug from Carpet Court made from our SmartStrand ‘Rhino’ carpet to be really worry-free!

QuickStep Eligna, Natural Varnished Cherry

Vinyl (or Lino)

What? In a kids’ room?!! Why not? Vinyl has fabulous characteristics including being;

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean – perfect for messy kids
  • Water-resistant – those spilled drinks (and not to mention other wet accidents) can be easily wiped up
  • Underfoot comfort. Vinyl does not get cold in the winter and is generally soft beneath your feet.
  • Cost-effective. You can pick up a great looking vinyl much cheaper than other flooring products – vinyl designs today can look as good as any wood and tile on the market
  • Durability and stain resistance. Vinyl is generally considered to be a highly durable material that, if properly installed and maintained, can last upwards of ten to twenty years.
Gerflor Senso Pro, Lock Limed Oak

Get a winning kids room with Carpet Court.

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