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Written by Jane Carolan (Venia Design), Carpet Court's Design Ambassador.
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With the temperatures warming and the lighter evenings, we naturally start moving into the summer mode. The annual ‘summer panic’ kicks in around late October when we realise how close summer is and how ‘unprepared’ we are. Often this is the time we start thinking about those things that have been somewhat neglected over the winter, such as the holiday home.

We tend to add more layers to soften our homes up, especially in winter we look for that cosy comfort. In the holiday house, this isn’t normally the case though. Holiday homes are a place of relaxation so the design elements need to reflect that to provide the stress-free environment. Ensuring that you have good indoor-outdoor flow with lots of natural light is a great place to start. You want to keep the design simple and decluttered. Elements from nature are a place of comfort for us and create a sense of calmness, incorporating nature into the holiday home will really help to create the chilled vibe. Whether that be plants or colours or some driftwood from the beach.

Choosing a low maintenance and durable flooring to put into your holiday home is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked when creating your haven. You want something that isn’t precious so you don’t stress over it. As you know the kids can drag in all kinds of things, especially if they’ve been at the beach!

Laminate is a great option as it is both easy to install and live with. The reproduction of wood-esk boards via a synthetic composition is truly revolutionary and is the fastest growing flooring category in the northern hemisphere- so why not join this trend as it’s here to stay. You can still be creative with hard flooring, you don’t need to opt for a long wide plank. You can go for a parquet, chevron or diagonal pattern that add design into a room without compromising on ease of use, durability or affordability. QuickStep Impressive and Majestic are both water resistant laminates that are perfect for any area of the holiday home.

Flooring: Quickstep Impressive, Soft Oak Natural

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a digitally formatted photograph between the backing of the tile or plank and a clear wear layer. This means that LVT can create the natural wood-look for a third of the cost of a hardwood floor. On some brands, they even apply a texturation method to capture the feel of wood.

LVT is also more stable as it isn’t natural so you don’t need to worry about the expansion or shifting that you may do with wood. It can be put in higher sun areas and is resistant to moisture and climate change so again a great option for any area of the house. Scandia is an LVT that is durable, low maintenance, water resistant and comes in a variety of natural wood look shades making it the perfect flooring choice for a holiday home.

Don’t forget about vinyl as well as its uses and sustainability are endless. The pattern and format, in both tile and plank form, offer a world of choice and provide durability and no fuss care which is truly what you want in a holiday home. Jazz up the bathrooms and laundry areas with a printed vinyl or tile format like Senso Pro Lock Limed Oak or Texline Comfort Fado Perla.

Flooring: Senso Pro Locked Lime

Due to the nature of play that happens in the holiday home, we recommend using a hard surface through majority of the home and you can soften it with large rugs in the bedrooms and living areas. It also gives you the ability to add layers which creates interest and softness where you see fit.

Beachy vibes can maintain a light board or floor pattern plank in the blonds, ashes or light oaks. Layer this with textured rugs in seagrass or sisal, or a good loop pile carpet square along the lines of Cavalier Bremworth Dry Martini. Bring the texutre and softness up off the floor into your furnishing and fabric choices. Pick a colour theory for these spaces and keep it simple, this environment is about ease, declutter and freedom to move and breathe.

Head into your local store to get further advice on the best flooring to suit your summer needs or head over to our website!

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