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Be Handy

We know that most people find vacuuming to be a bit of a chore but regular vacuuming increases your carpet’s life by preventing a build up of grit that can damage carpet fibres.

Household area’s more prone to grit build up, are common areas such as entrances and shared living spaces. Built up dirt, dust and grit works its way into the pile surface where it is far more difficult to remove, which can cause your carpet to abrade and dull its appearance. We suggest to vacuum at least weekly, and more often in those busier areas.

Here’s some handy tips to make sure that when you’re vacuuming, you do it right!

The Right Vacuum 

When replacing the carpet, sometimes you’ll need to replace your vacuum as well. A vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar is vital to ensure full removal of dirt and dust.

Bissell rotating brush

Bissell Brush Roll Hard Floor

With the more luscious and high pile carpets, a higher quality vacuum with a stronger suck may be needed to effectively clean your carpet. Ask your Carpet Court consultant which vacuum they suggest for you, when you choose your new carpet. You can also visit  to view their full range of high quality vacuums.



When vacuuming soiled or’dirty’ areas, we suggest to vacuum at least three times over the area for a light mess. For a dirtier areas, five to seven times.



To help loosen the dirt for an easier removal, vacuum against the natural pile direction. It help to lift and remove the dirt. Once you have passed over the area we suggest to vacuum it again in the direction of the pile for an even finish.


Treat Your Carpet. 

Give yourself and your carpet a treat every once and while. We recommend getting your carpet professionally cleaned by a hot water extraction every 12 to 18 month to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. A professional clean prolongs the life of your carpet and keep your floor cleaner, healthier and looking great.

Surely you’d want a weeks break from the vacuum too?!




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