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Malmo's collections have been created to help inspire.
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Malmo have used a local interior designer to help create different collections to inspire customers and help them visualise the look they want. These collections have been curated using different flooring styles, Resene paints, interior decor and furniture so that each look can be recreated easily.

Here’s an insight into the four collections and how you can create them for yourself at home.


A true mix of urban colour and scandi vibes. The simplicity of the Nordic look has been given strength through layers of natural fibres and mineral colours.

How to get the look

Strong in either colour or texture. Carpets with a woven or thicker pile will give a sense of depth. Keep floorboards wide and put the bed on a rug for layering. If using a headboard keep it simple with clean lines and square corners – plain charcoal linen can work well. Stay within the same palette of colour but reduce and increase the strength and tone of colour from wall to bedding or vice versa.

Resene Paint colour match – Half Fuscous Grey, Quarter Tapa, Black White, Athens Grey


A sharp but not sparse take on mid-century flair. Perfect for urban living and apartment dwellings, its simple yet elegant style remains timeless and offers a lot without complication. Warm tones can be incorporated into the look with a lean towards plum and blush accents.

How to get the look

Carpets should be mid tone, donkey grey, taupes and mushroom browns. Floorboards are a mid to wide width and a less textured approach. The furniture makes the look. Leather or dark coloured fabric sofas, preferably velvet with a thin arm and leg style work best here. Don’t be sparse – this is not  minimalist but is sharp. Soften it with colour.

Resene Paint colour match – Bazaar, Black Rose, Eighth Tea, Eighth Napa


Reminiscent of holiday vibes, this look embraces our love of nature and indoor, outdoor flow. Floor colours should be light and slightly washed out, paired with bolder colours in walls and furniture to make a statement. Slimline wood and leather adds to the earthy, natural retreat theme.

How to get the look

The casual nature of this look suits hardflooring. Creating a seamless sense of style, this look is not just restricted to dining rooms and can be carried throughout the whole house. Mineral colour carpets work brilliantly with this informal pared back theme. This is a great look to add a mix of modern and old as long as it’s not over layered and pieces are kept light in form.

Resene paint colour match – Balderbash, Rolling Stone, Napa, Quarter Albescent White


A soft, relaxed and uncluttered style with a lean towards urban trends. Simplicity is key with warm greys and mid browns forming the base colours. Jewelled tones in luxe fabrics complete the look.

How to get the look

Floorboards should remain wide and with a grain as there needs to be a sense of texture but do not go rustic. Greys and mid brown walnuts work well with this trend. Metal accents in gold, brass or silver can be introduced through coffee and side tables to again add strength without clutter – keep lines thin and structured in design.

Resene paint colour match – Licorice, Prairie Sand, Double White Pointer, Alabaster


An artistic and eclectic mix of Bohemia – a relaxed style bringing out the softness of velvets and rich colour. Lazy days and nights that seem unconsidered. This is a look that has soul and comfort which is enhanced by the use of deep colour and moody pattern. Stevie Nicks and the smell of incense add to the layers of Bohemian Rhapsody.

How to get this look

This style is free from constraint, it’s creative and emotive so use colour that has a sense of soul. The current love of navy and jewel tones work well but just pick one. Soft pile carpet with a depth of colour that cocoons the room you are in. This is not a style for a loop pile carpet, it needs to have a sense of depth. Deep taupes, warm based colours in red browns and walnuts product the foundation for flooring and style, these colours hold and group the deep richness in other pieces. Consider a wide plank for a wood look. Furniture needs to be comfortable but not old fashioned, think rolled arm chair sofas in a deep velvet.

Resene paint colour match – Shadow Blue, Aubergine, Ebb, Half Milk White

You can get a free measure and quote on all Malmo products sold at Carpet Court or you can pop into your local store and see the products for yourself.

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