Looking After Your Hard Flooring

Be Handy

Just put down hard flooring in your home and not too sure what to do next? Or had your hard flooring for years but you’ve never been quite sure if you’re doing it right?

Here’s our top tips to best care for your hard floors.


If your floor has just been laid, remove any loose dirt or debris with a broom or vacuum. Follow this by wiping down the surfaces with a thorough clean using a well-wrung damp cloth.

To protect your flooring avoid using high abrasive pads or scourers as they could scratch the floor.

Rubber can can leave stubborn marks on hard flooring, so be careful not to leave waxed or rubber products in prolonged contact with your hard floor. Keep an eye out for furniture legs as they often have rubber castors. You can replace these with plastic/ nylon ends or use felt pads.

Never use a solvent-based waxed, seals, polishes or varnish particularly those containing acetone ans they can destroy the wear layer that protects the floor.

If you are wanting to put heavy furniture onto vinyl flooring, it is best to use a weight dispersing aid to avoid permanent indentation.

Use Mats 

‘In a perfect world’ no dirt would be brought into the house to create the ultimate protection. We know this is impossible so in order to reduce the amount of dirt dragged inside, we recommend using door mats at all entrances. As you know shoes can carry a lot of dirt and materials, such as gravel, act like sandpaper and can cause scratches.


Day to Day Protection

To remove loose dirt and for daily protection, use a soft broom or a damp mop (or well wrung cloth) with water or a neutral detergent. If a neutral detergent is used, ensure it is wiped away after cleaning.

Stubborn Dirt and Stains

If a spill occurs it is best practice to clean it up ASAP to avoid staining. Try to remove a stain with a wet damp cloth or with eucalyptus oil. If the stain won’t disappear it is recommended to use a professional cleaner as outlined by manufacturer. Please refer to the instructions for the manufactures cleaning guide. Ask your Carpet Court consultant if you require any further information.

Please note: do not use abrasive cleaning pads, sponges and cloths, or scourers, etc. Do not sand, varnish, or wax your floor. Solvents and ammonia based cleaners will also damage your floor.  Do not use these products.

Not all stains can be removed for example nail varnish, shoe polish e.t.c.

For vinyl floors, a steam mop can be used but manufactures instructions will need to be followed.
Laminate flooring cannot be steam mopped.


The care advice provided here is in addition to the cleaning and care recommendations of the manufacturers. It serves as a guideline; is not binding, and does not claim to be complete.

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