Maintaining a Clean Home with Pets

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We all know that cats and dogs aren’t the tidiest of animals. They don’t care about our floors like we do and although they’re often the favourite family member, there’s no denying that they can be very high maintenance. They tend to shed hair everywhere they go, bring dirt and interesting surprises in from the outside and of course sometimes they make little whoopsies when they haven’t been toilet-trained! Over time this can put a lot of stress on your floors.

We’ve created some tips to help pet owners maintain fresh looking, healthy and clean floors.

The most important item which is often undermined when it comes to cleaning is your vacuum. You need to have a strong and powerful vacuum with a rotator brush or beater brush to really get deep into your carpet. We recommend Bissell Vacuums. They have an extensive range of powerful vacuums that work to the bottom of your carpet to remove dirt without dragging any behind. They’ve even designed a pet series of vacuums and cleaning products to help those pet owners maintain a clean and healthy home. Their pet series of vacuums have ‘Multi Cyclonic Separation’ to ensure a really strong suction to dig deep into the carpet to pick up pet hair.

Our recent customer survey revealed that more than 3/4 of people only vacuum their home once a week or less. When dirt, grit and pet hair is left deep down inside your carpet, it wears away at the fibres and will cause the carpet to deteriorate more quickly than it should. Vacuuming can help maintain the life of your carpet. A good guide to go by is to vacuum your house once a week for every person living there – so if you have five people in the house, ideally you’d vacuum five times per week. This may seem like a lot, but the amount of dead skin, dust and general mess that’s created by each additional person means you’ll be doing your carpet a favour to keep it maintained. Plus 62% of people wear shoes on their carpet and if you throw a pet or two into the mix, it really adds up! Sharing the load between house members should only mean that you personally are only having to vacuum once a week.

Flooring: SmartStrand Rhino Carpet

We also recommend our SmartStrand Rhino Carpet as the perfect carpet for pet owners. It is durable and stain and fade resistant as it has built-in Nanoloc spill protection technology which makes cleaning up a pet spill easy.  As long as you remove the substance and blot the area with a damp cloth (DON’T RUB) the spill should lift right out without leaving a stain.

A Bissell vacuum with the SmartStrand Rhino carpet is a match made in heaven for pet owners.

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