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Jane is our Design Ambassador who provides us with guidance and advice on style, design and colour.

Jane runs VENIA Design  which provides full service design and project management.
Starting out by mixing paints for a boutique paint company over 15 years ago, Jane has a strong foundation in colour and how it affects the overall design and aesthetic of spaces.

Now, through VENIA, she offers interior design guidance and solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

We asked Jane a few questions to help you get to know her.

Have you always been interested in Interior Design?

My interest in design started at a young age – to the horror of my mother who witnessed my penchant towards gold and anything that glittered. Thankfully by age five, I’d dropped the sparkles but my love of colour and texture kept growing. Later in life, I found myself in a boutique paint company mixing colour. This evolved into creating palettes, and designing colour tools for both residential and commercial clients. Mixing colour gives a great understanding of where to start with design, and how all the components of a room or space work together.

I have always enjoyed design, not just interior. Looking for inspiring elements in every design field – be it fashion, landscape, furniture or fabric – and taking them to build a look, and create an emotion, for a client is wonderfully satisfying. Mostly, because we’ve created something they love to live in together.

How do you sum up your style?

My interior and fashion motto is intrinsically linked – essential, timeless, simplicity.

What’s your role at Carpet Court?

Carpet Court came to me with a desire to help figure out how to take the headache and stress out of making design decisions. We started by simplifying key design styles, working out how to match colour with flooring products, and it’s morphed into providing as much advice as I can on design for the everyday Kiwi.  This collaboration is now a design ambassador role where I can help advise what designers ask to get the results, and provide knowledge of what consumers struggle with. We should all experience the joy of making a good decision and ending up with something we love and are happy with.

Together, we want to inform customers properly, not just giving advice based on trends and sales but actual, real information that allowed for good solid decision making, empowering Carpet Court consumers. You can easily change a poor paint decision, but it’s not so simple to rip up a floor you have just put down.

Look out for posts on our blog written or inspired by Jane!

You can get to know Jane further by watching the video below.

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