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What do we mean by a moody bedroom? That it’s full of contrasts and emotions, and is therefore interesting.

Think of deep plums, dark navy’s, strength to the floor in dark boards, and strong dark, thick carpets to create a sophisticated bedroom retreat.

How you bring it together

Our design ambassador Jane explains how to create a moody bedroom.

“Dark colours make for a sophisticated retreat but team these with the softer colours like blush pinks, the aubergines gives this gorgeous balance of the masculine and feminine. Mix this up with really strong finishes like loop pile carpet, a dark plush carpet with a cut pile or dark toned timber floors.  You’ll end up with this gorgeous sleep sanctuary that you’ll just never want to leave”

Darker colours can be accented beautifully with brass and bronze, in fact metal of any colour will work. They’re so popular people are even painting entire rooms in smokey deep greys or midnight blues. We’ve seen a lot of people go as far a black – which is really creating a statement.

Our floor matches

As Jane states, dark timber floors or thick pile carpets provide the perfect grounding for this look and add that layering effect of warmth, peace and restfulness. The darker colours absorb and cocoon you from the outside world. Mixing this dark scheme with natural linens to soften the strength of the colour and break the moody blues and eggplants we’re currently seeing. The current trend is to bring in blush pinks as accessories, again creating that balance between strong and soft.

Wood Flooring

Quickstep Variano, Espresso Blend Oak, Oiled


Cav Brem Dry Martini Neat
SmartStrand Ingenious Flair Domino
SmartStrand Wise Choice Silhouette

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