Radiant Earth

Spring is in the air and so are warm terracotta earth tones
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This trend is based around a palette of warm earth tones…rust, baked clay and desert rose are offset by deep plum, stone and charcoal accents. Comforting and relaxed, these grounding hues are inspired by the natural elements. Colour ways reflect the warmer hues coming in to home-furnishings. Orangey-rusty-rosy colours are a direct evolution of the blush tones claiming the spotlight for the last few years. In fact, they mix quite well with the millennial pinks and dusky lavenders that have dominated the trends.

When it comes to the styling, keep it modern and light. Balance strong accent colours with Creamy whites and soft greys. Feel free to let your personality shine. This colour direction can be tailored to suit anyone from the bohemian to the minimalist.

Embrace the moment by using plenty of natural materials for your spring home-decor updates. Think rattan, wicker, and cane along with natural organic fibers and textiles. Accessories made by hand are the stars of the season. Etsy, Trade-Aid & your local craft fair are full of wonderful, hand-made and often one-of-a-kind pieces.

This interior featuring curtains and accessories from Curtain Studio perfectly embodies Radiant Earth. Achieve this warm wood flooring look with Malmo Mammut in Mountain Oak Brown.

Featuring: Custom blush velvet curtains, August cushion, Luna blush cushion, Stonewashed Linen blush cushion, Nest blush cushion from CurtainStudio.

Malmo Mammut Mountain Oak Brown
Makro Oak Light Grey

This image from Elle Décor shows how a soft grey floor offsets a rich terracotta scheme.

Get the look with Malmo Mammut in Makro Oak Light Grey.

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