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Read why The Style Insider chooses Carpet Court for her flooring
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We’ve been working with Leonie Barlow also known as The Style Insider over the last few months to help her transform her previous dining space into a lounge. She never used her previous space as a dining area so decided it needed a revamp. She opted for the Quickstep Majestic, Valley Oak Light Beige laminate.

We decided to do a little Q&A to find out how her experience went…

Why did you decide to renovate your dining space?

“We hardly ever used it for dining so I decided to create another lounge room instead”

Where did you source your inspiration from?

“Pinterest is the first place I look for all sorts of inspiration. I love a really clean, minimalist style and wanted to create a space that was cosy and inviting but still clean and modern looking.”

What made you decide to go with Carpet Court for your flooring?

“I’ve always gone to Carpet Court for my flooring over the years and I’ve never been disappointed which is why I always go back.”

Why did you decide to go with laminate as your flooring choice?

“Our previous flooring was also laminate and after 10 years, there wasn’t a mark on it. I love how the laminate doesn’t wear, scratch or fade and always looks amazing. The only thing that had changed was my taste and that’s why I wanted the lighter flooring.”

Was there any reason that you decided to go for lighter planks?

“I have wanted lighter planks for a few years because they suit my aesthetic which is very clean and minimal. The lighter planks also really help to make a smallish room appear much bigger which is exactly what I wanted to do with my room makeover”

What was the installation process and how long did it take? 

“Installation was surprisingly quick and easy. The first day involved uplifting the old flooring and applying a levelling compound to the wooden floor underneath to create a level surface for the new boards- this took about half a day. The second day the team was back to cut the boards to the correct lengths and lay them. So all up it took a day and a half”

What would your piece of advice to give to someone who is selecting new flooring?

“Definitely get expert advice on the right flooring for your space. You may want one thing but a different type of flooring may actually work better and last longer for your actual needs. My room is really sunny and natural wood flooring would have faded. Choosing laminate meant I would never get any fading from the sun. I wouldn’t have known this without getting some expert advice to steer me in the right direction”

Leonie has done a vlog talking through her room on her Youtube channel – The Style Insider. Check it out below.

You can also read more about her room makeover on her blog.

If you’re looking for flooring and would like some expert advice, pop into your local store and any of our friendly staff would love to help. Alternatively, you can request a free measure and quote.

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